The Bus Leaves Tomorrow

I decided to do this at a very late hour but I wanted to repeat what I did back in February when I had a Twitter blog of the Indoor Track Midwest Conference meet. This time I decided to take advantage of WordPress and the app on my Blackberry to make it more effective by allowing me to write longer posts. Tweets can be very limiting at times. This is all experimental for me so we’ll see how this works. This will be more of a reflection spot where my Twitter (also pioneerrunner) will be a more quick notes on what is going on at the moment. Combined we will see how this works.

The other reason for doing this is because it is my last track meet and I wanted to record my thoughts for this last weekend.  I have been competing for 15 years. Now all 15 years comes down to a 40 minute race. Hopefully quicker than that, say under 38 minutes. The race starts in just over 36 hours so I should get to bed soon.

We have practice tomorrow at 2 and then leave at 4:30 for Springfield, Illinois where we will stay for the meet. I have been to the capital of Illinois twice before. Both for Midwest Conference Championships. The cross country meet in 2007 and the indoor track meet in 2008. I have to be honest with you. I’ve never really enjoyed the trip. Illinois is a very flat state so the scenery sucks on the nearly 5 hour drive down there. We’ll have movies to keep us occupied on the trip and I can spend time writing here if I really want to. Don’t be surprised when that is the option I take.

Sitting here now I can look back at the incredible road I have had to this point in time. I started out playing baseball at Russell Park at the corner of 2nd and Vincent in Fond du Lac. Now I am getting ready to travel nearly 400 miles south of there for a track meet. I have seen sports rise and fall through my career as baseball gave way to flag football which gave way to basketball. I thought I was going to continue playing basketball or die trying. In a world of evolve or die I moved on to running and am now a four year college athlete, something very few people would have guessed while I was growing up.

With hundreds of practices, games and races behind me it comes down to one last practice with a run through Frame Park and one last race, the 10,000meter run at 3:15pm on Friday. To say I am nervous is an understatement. I want this race to be perfect but I know that perfect is rare and near impossible. I know that a perfect situation while preparing for it is not only futile in trying to achieve but can’t hold a flicker to someone who is willing to die out on the course. The biggest thing for me to remember is to run like there is tomorrow. Because this time it’s true.

I need to run for that boy back in 1995 playing for the Yankees at Russell Park.  The journeys he is about to travel on aren’t even possible to be imagined. But the thought of being here today for the boy back then is an incredible leap. I need to make sure I make him proud. There is a quote the varsity basketball coach at my high school had: “Would the boy you were, be proud of the man you are?” Now its time to answer that question with a “Yes.”


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