The Night In Between Days

We now sit in seventh place overall on the men’s side. We always start out slow. I remember one year we were in last after the first day. We only have results from a quarter of the events though.

Sprints did pretty good so we should score a bunch of points in tomorrow in that. I would love to sneak out a second place finish. It will be tough but if things break right I think we can do it.

Personally this is going to be my final day as a Carroll Pioneer tomorrow. The end is nearing for me as the last truly competitive race will be the Walleye Run June 12th in Fond du Lac. It will be fitting to have my final race in my hometown. One last run to see how fast I can complete the five mile race in and how high I can finish. Looking at last year’s results top ten might be possible.

I’m still upset with how my race played out today but what Zach Andreski told me earlier today was true. “Two out of three ain’t bad.” I had unbelievable finishes to my cross country and indoor careers.

As distance runners we are requires to peak three times a year. That is incredibly hard to do. I was able to do it twice which is the limit to what most bodies can do in a year. I wasn’t able to pull one last rabbit out of the hat but I pulled two more than I thought with my race at regionals in November and Indoor conference in February.

Tomorrow I will wake up and I will root my team on to the best finish possible. I might be done running but I’m not done being a teammate.

The other three guys in my room have to race tomorrow so I will wrap this up here. Talk to you tomorrow.


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