Two Second Place Finishes

The rain has started again on I-72 going through Illinois toward Springfield. We’re stopping there to eat and the headed home.

Both men’s and women’s teams were able to finish second in the team standings. The women finish there like clockwork chasing down Monmouth College. For the men it is their highest finish in nearly a decade.

Lindsey Gruenke and Megan O’Grady were able to win Track Performers of the Meet. This is the first meet I remember since O’Grady got to college that she didn’t race Jenny Scherer in a single race at the Midwest Conference Meet.

Coach Thielitz received Men’s Co-Coach of the Year. A fitting honor. When I saw the standings last night we were seventh and in a huge hole. I couldn’t even tell you how we took second. There were so many points left out there when things didn’t go right. It seemed like it was happening very often. But somethings went incredibly right. James Wankowski somehow won the Discus Throw. And Kevin Meyer somehow squeaked out a point in the 5000m Run. Somehow we pulled it off. And we did it away from our home track.

The women did great as well as they always do. St. Norbert put up another fight for second but the women’s team held steady at #2.

Now that my final meet is over I think the thing that I’ll miss the most is yelling split times to my teammates. Seeing them succeed. I never had a chance out there to be all-conference but they do.

Now my voice is hoarse but I couldn’t care less. It will proably return.

The hard part is coming having to say good-bye to everyone. I already had to say good-bye to two people, Stretch and Jay. Tonight there will be more.

I never cried when basketball ended. Or cross country or track in high school. It was sure. Still sad when I think about. But I was never close to those teams like this one. Our varsity basketball coach said we were the closest tight-knit team he had coach in 25+ years. That team was nothing like this one. This is a close team. The thought of not seeing these people on a daily basis is heartbreaking.

That is why this team is so dangerous going forward. They are willing to go to the ends of the earth for one another. The snowball has started and it will just continue to build in the right hands and I believe that it is in the right hands. And in time I see this team as taking down Monmouth’s empire.

We’re about to eat so I’ll end this before it gets sappy. But I will say this, this is my favorite team that I have ever been a part of and I am so proud of them. I will miss all of them dearly.


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  1. Posted by J Finster on May 16, 2010 at 12:11 am


    We will miss you more….

    Dont be a stranger…



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