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To All of You who are upset with the Casey Anthony verdict

For the last six weeks while you watched the case proceeding on TV they were there watching it in person. While you were at work they were thinking about this case. While you were having fun with your family and friends they were thinking about this case. They know more than you do. And with that knowledge they decided they couldn’t declare Casey Anthony “Guilty” beyond a reasonable doubt. They had all of the evidence before them. You did not.

Public opinion isn’t allowed to determine guilt because too many people in it don’t want to go through the work of knowing everything they need to know. They want to take the easy way and form a quick opinion. Without all of the facts there is a good chance they could be wrong. They form that opinion and aren’t wavered by any new information. The jurors had all the legal evidence in front of them. Something in there made them question whether or not Casey really did it. Unless they were absolutely certain about it they had to acquit her. After going through all of the evidence and testimony they came to the conclusion that they weren’t absolutely certain she was guilty. They declared her “Not Guilty.” Not “Innocent,”  “Not Guilty. And what the jury says, not public opinion is all that matters.

Justin Koepsell